Kate and Jorn on Corsica, France /15-22.Sep.2007
Hiking, Biking, Eating, Snorkling, Swimming ...

Kate went down to see if this was a good snorkling place

.. hmmm .. too dangerous to get in the water

Beautiful sunset

Beautiful couple

Nice lunch

Jorn is wondering what this is

Kate is a building constructor,
and she is checking out the Corsican plumbing

This is NOT a photo of Jorn, but an interesting roof

I have no idea what this is .. but ask Kate, she might know

All this hiking makes you thirsty

All these 'houses' were graves !?!?

The dog isn't dead .. just enjoying the warm sun

Kate enjoying the view

Most of the time Jorn was enjoying this 'view' ;o)

Evening picnic in bed

Kate at the beach

Jorn at the beach

A rare sight .. Jorn reading!

Kate snorkling

.. come on up ..

We rented bikes .. and put them on our balcony overnight

Ready to go biking (in front of our hotel)

Resting at a viewpoint

Kate and more Corsican buildings

Jorn enjoying lunch in a village on top of a mountain

This hawk(?) kept hanging over us

Kate is looking for the hawk (?)

Kate rode ahead while Jorn took a picture

Time for a swim .. again

.. come on up ..

Kate enjoyed the sun and some reading

Jorn is ready to go home to Denmark

One of the typical views on Corsica