Vacation in the Juelsminde area /28.July-04.Aug.2007

Playing soccer at the rented summer house

... we did that a lot

Is it windy, girls?
Kate and Aisha at a nearby harbour for pleasure boats

Daniel testing the beach and water

Look what Daniel found

Aisha is giving drawing lessons

Daniel is paying attention

Daniel showing what he learned

Jens and Grete came by to visit
Here Daniel and Jens are playing boccia

JP and Grete ready for dinner at a harbour restaurant

.. of course Kate and Jens came along ;o)

Relaxing after a long day

Kate looks better when she's relaxing

Sailing to the very small island Hjarnø

Just a cute little house ...

A cute little church

Daniel is praying ?

Beautiful view

Leaving the church

Kate and Daniel are cooling their feet

JP doesn't need to cool down

Sailing back from Hjarnø

Kate lived here in Juelsminde many years ago (in some older buildings)

Visiting Daniel's great grand parents in Hejnsvig

Visiting JP's grand parents in Hejnsvig

Visiting other family ('moster' Ninna and family) in Hejnsvig