December 25th 2001

Hi Burkes

We just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

We hope you've enjoyed our Photo Album homepage the past year - and will drop by every now and then in 2002 - and hopefully send us a line or two when you do.

We enjoy being a part of your lives and we love getting mail from you telling about news in your part of the world ....

We wish you the best in 2002
and send you lots of love
... The Pedersen Family

November 11th 2001

Hi Burkes

It has been a while since we updated you....
But here we are - ready to bring you the latest news.

Sports - The indoor season has started and all the boys in the family has started to play indoor soccer - and Nicolai has also decided to test his tennis talent this winter.
For Daniel indoor soccer is a first !
When you check out the recent photos you'll see how scared he was of this new team thing. Until now he had only played a little indoor soccer with family members at home - but we stopped that a few months back before things started to break !!
At Daniels first tournament (only for 4-5 year old kids) 10.Nov.2001 Tina and JP had a few laughs - Nicolai wasn't home so he missed out on all the fun.
Daniels team lost both games - but I think they enjoyed the experience !!!
We're sure that next time will be a lot more fun for Daniel and his team mates.

I guess this little soccer story isn't as impressive as the stories about Joels success in american football.....but you just wait....!!
In 8-10 years from now we'll start reading about Nicolai's sport successes and in 15 years we'll read about Daniel's.....!!!

Work - the company Tina and JP both work for - Statoil Ltd - just sold their old office buildings - and rented a brand new one. So Tina and JP now work at the same address again. Unfortunately this doesn't mean that we can drive together...oh no....
JP still takes the train and the bus - and Tina drives the car. She only works part time (80%) so she comes in late and leaves early every day - so she is taking the kids to school and kindergarten every morning.
Tina is also picking up Daniel (almost) every day.
Nicolai takes the bus home every day early in the afternoon, so Balto isn't home alone for too long !!!

And talking about Balto....he's doing fine!!!
He's a really sweet dog - and easy and fun to be with .... most of the time ....
We've been doing some dog training with him - in the beginning JP went to it Saturday mornings - but pretty soon he(JP) lost interest - and then Tina took over. It's over now (thank god) - but Balto enjoyed it while it lasted - although it was playing with the other dogs during the small breaks he liked - and not so much the obedience exercises....!!!
Balto usually listens (maybe mostly to JP, who is the loudest shouter) - but often he needs to be told things more than once before he "chooses to hear".

Well, this is what's going on in our lives right now.
We're all in good health - and enjoying our familylife here in Hedehusene.

...and that'll be all for now.....
Take care over there....

August 05th 2001

Hi Burkes

We're back to "business" here in Dane-Land after a few weeks of vacation.
We hope you enjoy the 12 new photos from our vacation.

We had a few visits at the summer house at Langeland (in English: Long Island)
Sunday our friends from Billund (Ulrich & Lene and their kids Mikkel & Stine) came by. They were ready to go swiming, but this was the only day the weather didn't "invite" us to the beach.
Tuesday GrandMom Edith and Christian came by. They went to the beach with us.
Wednesday GrandDad Jens and Grete came by. They wanted to show us a "sight" close by, so we went for a little drive.
Thursday we went to visit Egeskov Castle (and gardens).
But of course there was plenty of time to relax, play soccer, play with Balto, go swimming, have "water-war", eat ice cream, ....

Back home in Hedehusene we cut down on the activity - and had a very relaxed week - with quite a few late mornings.
Maybe thats why it has been so hard to get back to work !?
Nicolai doesn't start school until Aug. 13th, so he's still enjoying his vacation. This coming week he's visiting GrandMom Karin. Daniel might join him for a few days - if he doesn't change his mind. And also if he doesn't cause trouble for Nicolai and GrandMom Karin (sometimes he can be a pain in the "behind") !!

Hopefully Balto will enjoy the next few days - the peace without the kids - and the extra attention from Tina & JP !!

...and that'll be all for now.....
Take care over there....

July 08th 2001

Hi Burkes

Here in Dane-Land we're almost melting away these days.
We've had a VERY hot week - and I think that a lot of us are looking forward to a few cooler days.
Tina starts her 3 weeks vacation Tuesday 10th - and I start my 2 weeks vacation Saturday 14th. The same day we take off for a week in a rented summer house/cottage.
We're really looking forward to this break away from the old jog-trot!

I went out and bought a cheap VCR (on sale) that could show the American NTSC-system. So now I finally got to see your 50th Anniversary video !!
Tina hasn't seen it yet - but I really enjoyed it.
It was fun to see things I only heard stories about earlier, and also fun to watch some of the old pictures of people and things that I brought back some good memories !!
Who-ever made the video did a GREAT job !

The kids and especially the dog are really growing.
Nicolai is also changing from a big kid to a young man (still a VERY young man, though).
He is still thinking "soccer" about 80% of the time - and he just had a week of summer-soccer-school !! He really get's a kick out of that (I just had to use this expression here).
Daniel just quit his diapers completely last week. Just like that....!
He was only using them at night, untill recently, and one night he just said that he didn't want it on anymore. He's really proud about it - and really looking forward to turning 4 - now that he's gotten rid of all the baby-habits.
Balto is growing real fast! It's unbelievable HOW fast!
Some days he's real sweet - and does what we want him to do. And other days he doesn't listen, or all of a sudden he doesn't understand what we tell him to do !?
He's handling being home alone reel well - and of course we're happy about that. Most days Nicolai comes home before 2 p.m. and takes Balto for a little walk.

"Walking the dog" has also made our daily task-list longer - and therefore we had to cut down on some sleep. Both Tina and I now get up around 5:30 in order to find time for the morning walk!!
That's also one reason why we sometimes feel we don't have any free time. Because whenever we do - we're so tired that we fall asleep on the sofa.....

...and that'll be all for now.....
Take care over there....

May 23rd 2001

Hi Burkes
....and Welcome to something new!

As you speak of in your latest mail, you sometimes forget things I already told you. The mail system you use (or your way of using it?) doesn't seem to make room for "saving mail".

Therefore we'll introduce this News letter! It's not that I won't write directly to you again - but many times I'll probably just drop you a line or two when I updated the News letter.

This way you can always go back and check what you're uncertain of.

May 18th we got a new member of The Pedersen Family -> Balto! A little scarred and confused he moved in on a Friday afternoon. He was a little sad, but he got a lot of love and attention, which seemed to help. That night JP slept on the sofa close by him in the living room. This seemed to keep Balto calm - and it was a lot easier for JP to get up when Balto needed to go out and pee.

Today - just 5 days later - it seems that Balto hardly needs to go out at night, so maybe JP can start sleeping in his bed(!) again!? Well, maybe Balto enjoys the company at night - so we'll see!?

JP has taken some days off from work to make Baltos first week in our home easier. We'll slowly train "being home alone" so that he won't get too sad when we all have to go to work (or school or kindergarden). We'll make special arrangements the first working week, so the "being home alone" won't be that many hours.

Another "member" - our new car - arrived the day before Balto. It's a Skoda Fabia Combi - which is a little brother to the Skoda Octavia we used to have. It's a little cheaper, a little smaller on the outside, but seems to be same size inside. The price diff. DKK 50,000(appr. $ 5,500) was the main reason to buy the Fabia instead of a new Octavia!

Well, besides these 2 big "investments" our family life is as quiet as possible with a 3 and a 10 year old in the family! Nicolai's outdoor soccer season started a month ago - which means training twice a week and sometimes also a game. When the game is at "home", Daniel usually goes down and "train" (or play) in the field next to the game. Games away involves at least one parent to drive, and the other one usually stays at home and takes care of Daniel.

May 12th Tina and JP (and 2 of Tina's sisters AND 38,000 others!) went to a big stadium in Copenhagen to watch and listen to the Eurovision Song Contest - a big event here in Europe. Denmark won this contest in 2000 and was hosting the show this year. After the 23 songs we enjoyed an exiting vote - but unfortunately Denmark didn't win - but became a fantastic 2nd!

...and that'll be all the news for now.....